Best Mortal Kombat game I have ever played! You just have to try this one if you have XBOX360 or PS3.

User Rating: 10 | Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition X360
I am real fan of Mortal Kombat games and I have played many of them (Emulators, PS1, PS2, handhelds etd.). However this one is the best. I have recently bought XBOX 360 because of this game and some others.

First of all graphics are amazing and I really like X-RAY stuff. Fatalities are enjoyable and the difficulty is just right. This game is like old school Mortal Kombat in modern days.

The game has got many modes to play. Classic arcade mod, Story mode, Tower of Challenges (I do not even know how many rounds of challenges are there, but it is over 300, so I have not done all yet.), and something like minigames like - Test your Might, Luck etc.

I have watched the Mortal Kombat movie and story mode with its scenes etc. is quite similar for me (However I watched that movie long time ago). I really enjoyed the story, even when sometimes the fight is not fair, when you have to fight 2 stronger opponents at once and you are on your own with 1 character. For story mod you cannot choose character, you will play one by one, as the story goes.

There are some modes, where you can choose 2 characters and change them in the middle of the fight or make some combo with it. Multiplayer is as always strong argument, why you should by this game. It is one of the best fighting games so far. (and yes I played lot of Tekken and Soul Calibur too).

For every fight, fatality, success etc. you earn some Koins and then you spend them to unlock new costumes, fatalities, artworks, cheats etc. If you do not look on the internet what is buried where, you will not know what you are unlocking (the game does not tell you, until you buy it).

I really love bonus characters. Especially Freddy Krueger is really fun to play with.

All in all, if you have console, you have to try this game and it is even better if you have friends to play with.