this is not good

User Rating: 5.5 | Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G PSP
i gave this game a 5.5 because i did not want to be mean. the game is to hard and boring. this game is very bad animated. the game has so many glitches and just plain boring. for the first 10 minutes you will like it and then it will get so bad. this is the worst game on psp that i have played well not the worst. if you want a monster game get something else not this. the gameplay sucks and the game is to short well i like that. the game has 10 or less guys to be and half of them you cant be. you have a rat or a mouse or whatever following you around what is so annoying. the game has very little blood what looks so bad. so the game now is worth about 5$ don not get it if it was 500$ or 00.02$. the game is so boring because it takes ten minutes to find a monster. this game is not good at all WARNIG DO NOT GET.