Monopoly strees shows the reinventing of the classic board game

User Rating: 7.5 | Monopoly Streets WII
Monopoly streets is a game that features what monopoly could look in real life. The game makes an outstanding way to recreate the classic monopoly game to a city typed game. Longtime fans will see how monopoly improved in the Years. It has a good way by who's the character you pick has his/her own token. The game is what you know playing to buy properties and the game ends if a player gets bankrupted. It also shows your stats of how much control are you in the game. The game is good and it's obviously better Than the first monopoly game on the Wii. Playing in a city was a lot more fun rather than just playing in an ordinary game with cards and paper money. The free parking,jail sign and go signal was and looked very great. In terms of graphics it was ok as it also shared the same graphics with it's counterpart systems. If you play to long it can get repetitive boring and make you want to quit and just give up. The game was fun even though it got boring it was still a vey good game to buy. The key goals to success were great recreation to monopoly,gameplay is ok,graphics are fine and it keeps you in a good mood. Bad points are it can get boring in a while,it is a bit pricy for it's gameplay and moving sequences are kinda annoying. Overall monopoly streets for the nintendo Wii is a good game for you're collection but many can be disappointed to it's limited gameplay. Overall the game serves as a great and innovative move to monopoly but since you will not be as used as before it's a little downer but it's gameplay somewhat boring if taken time and the familiar surroundings make it a barely good game and with that said buy it or rent it. If you don't have a Wii then this game is available for the Sony PS3 and the Microsoft XBOX 360 which you can also track some achievements and show off your achievements at game spot with raptr and gamespot fuse have a good day.