Monaco is a good game, but it's not gonna survive more than 2 weeks on my computer due to its repetitive nature.

User Rating: 7 | Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine PC
Hello everyone, this is Globku from the Magical Noob channel.

Together with my friend Sylaia we have reviewed "Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine" in the video below, so I hope you guys enjoy the video and the channel.

In short, Monaco is a top down heist game, where getting detected doesn't automatically mean that you've lost. In fact, a big part of the game is evading the guards after they've detected you.
You've got a roster of 8 characters (4 available from the start, the others are unlocked), all with different abilities and personalities.
Even though it's a top-down game, your visibility is limited to your characters line of sight: walls and doors will block your vision. I've found this line of sight mechanic to be very confusing at the start, but eventually got used to it.
There's a campaign of 17 missions that you can play solo or cooperativly with up to 4 players (including yourself), that ends with a nice surprise, a different mission that's worth replaying over and over (multiplayer only). The single player experience is a rewarding stealthy one, while the cooperative is much more chaotic. One player's detection can lead to everyone's death... or not, the guards might be attracted to that one player, clearing the way for you. But overall, cooperatively, my experience was more franctic than the single player.
The biggest problem I've had with Monaco is the repetitive gameplay. Eventually clearing missions and grabbing coins becomes tedious, and the game wears out quite quickly.

"I think Monaco is a good game, but I don't believe it's gonna survive more than 2 weeks on my computer due to its repetitive nature"

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