I'm surprised I differ so much from the general populace, I have really enjoyed this game and continue to do so!

User Rating: 8 | Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire PS3
After looking at the metascores for both critics and players alike, I find myself surprised. Some of the points made in reviews are certainly accurate, but I've always thought the ultimate point of games was to be fun. To that end, I have enjoyed playing Gundam: Crossfire, and found what short comings it had were vastly outweighed by the entertainment factor. It helps that many of the Mobile Suits that I've always loved seeing in one form or another are available (I am piloting an RX-79 as of this writing, though I've got the Ex-8 en route) and while I have noticed some minor framerate issues, the game runs smoothly over all.

All of this being said, I get the feeling a lot of the issues that people have put forth have to do with expectations. I had none for the title, all I expected was to be thrashing mobile suits in some of my own favorites from the TV series', and it does that quite well. However, the game could definitely benefit from an overhaul, a more free roam system that allows you to traverse between missions, and actually create a true battlefield style Gundam game along the lines of Mercenaries 2's open-ended game play would be brilliant.

I would recommend this game to anyone who, like me, finds it easier to overlook shortcomings if the game is just plain fun, and to me this one is.