Proof that a title will sell a game. Even if that title costs $60.

User Rating: 3.6 | Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire PS3
A good Gundam review? No, keep looking because the title was not meant to be in support of this game! Before the PS3 came out i spent alot of time snooping around here, as did alot of you and im sure most of you read the article stating that mobile suit gundam was the top selling game in Japan. I was pretty surprised, not only by the, but also by the rank on peoples wish list, it was number one! This game did loko appealing, the graphics looked good, the title was attractive, online support? Usually when a game lacks online support it is balanced by a great single player right? WRONG! The single player, and only part, of this game dont even justify a rent. The gameplay of this game is also a big problem because its a big flop. You can be a variety of Suits which is cool, but using them isnt. Once you start playing this the shiny graphics turn to choppy frames, and the promising gameplay turns to lackluster gameplay.The game picks up for about 7 minutes before you realize the lack of a story just leaves this game spineless. Maybe 7 minutes was a litte under-exaggerated but this game becomes so hard, and so pointless that you wonder what you just spent $60 on. My reccomendation, is to definatley skip this one. The title of Mobile Suit Gundam proved too strong a temptation to resist in Japan, but I dont want another soul to fall prey. I will not suggest what game to buy because I would like to remain neutral and not biased.