Not a good Gundam game.

User Rating: 5 | Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire PS3

Mobile Suit Gundam: Target In Sight(AKA Mobile Suit Crossfire) looks and feels like a very rushed game.I love the Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 anime series and when I heard about this game being based on that series and being released on a console as powerful as the PS3,I was excited but after I played this game,I was very disappointed and glad I waited until the price of this game was lowered to a bargain price game before I bought it.

Mobile Suit Crossfire feels like it tries to be both a mech sim and action game at the same time.The mobile suits manuever in a slow,clunky way which suits the MSG 0079 universe,but the mech suits are clunky to the extent that doing what should be simple things such as destroying tanks or aiming with your sabre will be much harder than they should be,and your enemies will be able to get easy shots on you.

The camera is poor too and even on the easy difficulty your health will be depleted by very quickly enemy attacks and the poor controls and camera angles makes things even worse.

For more action gameplay oriented ideas,you can use the boost to fly a certain height in the air for a limtied amount of time and you can use it to travel quickly and to get behind the enemy units.

There is also inconsistency in how much damage is inflicted on your mobile suit.Even on the easiest difficulty level,a very quick barrage of enemy gunshots can remove alot of your health and being hit by a rocket can destroy your suit in one hit,even if the shielding for your suit is nearly at 100%! Also,the environments are flat open areas and it makes the battles turn into shootouts too much.

At the start of the game,the story got my attention(explained in audio form)of how 1/2 the human population was wiped out during the war.

The graphics are ugly and have slow frame rate and look PS2 quality.The MSG 0079 series has things such as forest,desert,battles under the sea,proper city environments.But in MSG Crossfire,the environments look bland and empty and you might see a couple of ugly looking buildings but that's it.I like how you will see damage details such as your mobile suit getting it's arm blown off or looking damaged and you'll hear pilots shouting when their suit gets hit by enemy attacks an it creates some atmosphere.

I love the Gundam 0079 universe,but I can't recommend this game.