Too many bugs. Broken interface. Unenjoyable. 2K should look at OOTP to see how a Baseball Sim should be made. LO

User Rating: 4 | MLB Front Office Manager PC
The GameSpot reviewer is absolutely right on, in his assessment of this game.
Every statement is absolutely correct.
He actually played this game, which does not appear to be the case of the programmers or the Beta test team if there was any.
With every thing that is wrong here 2k should have never released the game in this condition.
The hype and expectations for this game for true sim fans was that this would be OOTP, Baseball Mogul, Pure Sim, and MVP Baseball all rolled into one great Baseball Simulation.
We were all terribly disappointed.
I have played every Baseball sim since Earl Weaver. I put up to 100 hours in on this one, and it is unplayable. 2K should look at OOTP, and the other above mentioned Baseball sims, and work on patches to fix this fiasco. This could be a great game if and when it is repaired.
But it should be done on this version and not on next years. Because I for one will not bother to even look at a future version if this one is not fixed.