Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

User Rating: 6 | MLB Front Office Manager PC
I always wondered why Baseball sims and arcade sims could not merge. In other words, have the results of real statisical games like Stat-o-matic, Baseball Mogul, OOTP, actually show the outcome with real graphical deisplay to make the game more fun.

Well, MLB: Font Office Manager tries to accomplish this. I say try because the interface is just so cumbersome that it makes the process of Managing a ML franchise so utterly tedious that it really removes any real fun factor.

You can play a career mode, on-line, or a Fantasy league. I have only tried the career mode thus far.

You can play the games and manage most decisions on the field and the graphics are pretty good. This has been a missking link in this type of game.

It is challenging and deep but really misses the mark with an interface that was designed for consoles.

A real shame.