America's Pastime

User Rating: 8.2 | MLB 06: The Show PS2
4$ Hot dogs, 9$ Beers, 60$ tickets. America's pastime has gotten very exspensive. Luckily, with this game you can simulate a great day at the ballpark while only spending 1/3 the money. MLB '06 the Show is a fantatsic game. Ive never been one that really liked sport related games but MLB changed that. This game has just about everything youd expect in a baseball video game and more. Several fun and simple minigames are also available when you get bored of the season play. All the teams you love are there and the players are all waiting for you. Just about the only thing you cant simulate are the taking of steroids. But who likes that anyway? ALthough it is way too easy too switch teamsn in-game and walk all your players too win the game, it is still an entertaining game. Their are a few flaws such as mandatory base running and how frustratingly hard the pitching system is until you get ahold of it, other than that this game is one of the best baseball games youll find on the Ps2.