The Legend Continues

User Rating: 9.6 | MLB 06: The Show PS2
The next installment of the MLB series is a couple notches better than last year's break through game.This year tagging on "The Show" to it's brand name,the MLB'06 game brings baseball to new height with better graphics,game play and more authenticity than last year's great game.This year the season mode has been updated and all the small glitches were fixed and the Career mode has also been updated with a little more info so you can follow your player more.

A new feature which has already been seen in other baseball games just done differently and presented differently as well,King Of The Diamond mode lets you select players and take on the computer in a one on one classic pitcher vs. batter showdown,also there is the game time decision feature to where you can take over the managers job and make last minute moves and changes that you think will help you make a difference and get the win.

The rosters have been done well and are updated nicely and the stats and attributes are done good as well.Many of the new MLB stars are in the game and breakout ones as well.The teams are all ranked perfectly and certain teams are showing off their new stadiums.

The Rivalry mode is the basic new feature,you can play versus a friend all you want and can keep track of your stats against them through out the whole rivalry.

The only feature that really didn't need to be added was the addition of a 3rd man to the announcing team,it really didn't need to be put in as he isn't heard from that often and doesn't really have any impact on the commentary that much.

The basic part of the game is obviously baseball and it's done so well in MLB'06:The Show as it brings alot of realism to the game whether it's on the field or at the plate it's done quite well and the major part of this is the authenticity of it all,the signature looks,moves.stances and deliveries,it's all there.

MLB'06:The Show delivers a perfect version of baseball to any baseball fan's liking and is a great fun sports game to play.