A diamond in the rough.

User Rating: 8.5 | Miner Dig Deep X360
Alot of people probably do not check the community games list on Xbox live. I do. Even though they do not supply achievements for these games... there are some "back to basic" simple yet fun games to choose from. Also they are alot nicer on your pocketbook. Alot of the community games ... including this one, cost 200 microsoft points. ($2.50).

This game is great. I would like to know how to contact the developer/developers to send them fanmail. It is a 2-D side-scroller reminiscient of Dig-dug / Spelunker. You start off with a basic pickaxe and must start widdling your way down through the earth, and on your way harvest goodies like precious metals and gems. The farther you get down the more valuable goodies you find. You can then sell these harvested materials for upgrades on your pickaxe... and your lantern which helps you see where the goodies are beneath the dirt. Becareful of widdling underneath a rock though because it will crash down and kill you if you're in the way.

Other things you can purchase include Elevators(these save you alot of time since you have to go pretty FAR down), a grappling hook which can save you if you widdled down too far and can't make it back to the surface .... and a Drill which will help you process the dirt alot faster. You also will need to upgrade your rucksack so as to hold more items before having to return to the surface to sell.

All in all I love this game. It kept me strangely hypnotized and I personally think it is the best community game to date.