So Simple, So Sexy

User Rating: 9 | Minecraft (Classic) PC
How can Minecraft be put other then, so simple its amazing. In a world so large it can't be mapped out entirely (Not true, but its not in your best interest to prove me wrong), lies an indigenous population of cubed people (you), your job is to build whatever fancies you and whatever by god your imagination can come up with.

Within the two basic game types, Multiplayer and Single Player are several game modes, Survival and Creative mode. Future content additions aside these two leave for wide variety of ways to have fun that can keep you occupied for a lengthy amount of time. Survival mode starts the player off at a random point on the map to which he or she must gather resources, build a shelter and survive before the impending darkness where all manner of beasts come out and they aren't friendly. Beasts include zombies(nom nom), spiders(hsssss), creepers (explode), Skeletons (arrows), and other varieties of cubed monstrosities.

Creative mode is a bit different. With the latter being that you are crunched for time, creative mode allows you to get rid of that time crunch and if you so choose your mortality to give way to your imagination and explore or create any number of things you desire.

One of the most interesting things about Minecraft is its simplicity not just in game play but in graphics, focusing on a cubed world you can expect nothing greater in terms of graphical intensity then that of Hexen II released more then 10 years ago. The interface of the game itself basic, each player given a set of hearts determining their life as well as what looks to be half eaten corn dogs representing their hunger level. Briefly more in depth exists an inventory and item system reminiscent of Diablo 2.

While Minecraft represents the genius in something so simple it does tend to get boring. While you may find that after six hours of game play you've not only survived by digging a gigantic mine which not only gave you ample resources but the means to hack down hordes of zombies and enter the Nether (hell), but you've also no doubt come to as yourself what is the point in going on any further? Yes there is a limit to what is actually worth anything to you in the name of fun and while most people find creative ways to keep it going, frankly the monsters don't get any harder. Any means of trying to fight off other players to up the excitement is a bit difficult as the game wasn't simply built to account for a Player Vs. Player system.

In the end Minecraft is a genius concept and formula for simple and addictive. With a constant flow of additional content coming out in endless patches you can hope to find that the excitement in Minecraft will return again an again no matter how many times you say to yourself "I'm done with this". Minecraft satisfies the average players desire for entertainment and in itself raises the standard on Indie Gaming.