A Must for any Might and Magic fan. Cool game with lots of fun.

User Rating: 7.8 | Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer PC
3D0 hasn’t really done any improvements for MM8 so they have used the Might and Magic Engine from the previous ones and brought another story/battle to this well established series. The graphics are more or less the same and the cut scenes as always look really cool.

You start off with one created character and in this new adventure you get to move across the land and find new characters to join your party. Before you even get started a volcano erupts near by and destroys your exit from Dagger Wounds Island. So now you have to find another way off. On my travels right at the beginning I found Simon Templer from the series ‘The Saint’. He didn’t look much like Roger Moore but I welcomed him to my party and traveled on.

With a slightly different interface and it took me a while to find my spell book! But everyone was well presented. The game was well balanced and monsters where hard and then got harder as I moved on until I leveled up. Then everything started to fear my wrath with Incinerate and some other spells the monsters became easier and easier. Then I was at the end and had saved the Land from a terrible fate.

What I did love was the fact that I could have a Dragon in my party and dam do they own. Just the normal fire breath did enough damage alone. The Dark Elves where also incredible with so many abilities that can be GM’ed it takes longer to get them all up but the Dark Fire is pretty powerly for the Dark Elf and really do add to the parties ability.

I really did enjoy the game and the only bug I found which rather annoyed me was that the safe chests in Ravenshore, The Merchant Guild. All the stuff I had collect had disappeared after 2 years of in-game time.

Overall a great game and will stay in my collection.