This game is fun hard and can make you get lost sometimes but is it good enough

User Rating: 9.5 | Metroid Prime 3: Corruption WII
When i first played this game it was fun it had a great story then it had a fully voiced Nintendo game which gave me a shock.

The game looks amazing it is beautiful from some of the planets to outer space ships and other crazy places samus goes to but that's not it.

The game controls like a dream it like your actually samus you shot with the wii remote and do slingshots and other special things with the numchuck.

The Good things with this game for me are some boss fights some theres corruption mode or hyper mode witch makes samus awesome and unstoppable and the story is good to.

The bad is some mission got on my nerve sometimes i get lost or i just forget what to do then some boss fights are annoying.

But besides that this is my favorite fps for the wii and i cant wait to get the next metroid i think if you dont have this game your missing out and should get this is one of the best metroid game in the trilogy for me.