A great story shooting game wrecked by unfair game mechanics.

User Rating: 7 | Metro: 2033 Redux PS4

Metro 2033 to be frank, is an okay game. The Story and the Graphics are great, and the lore portrayal is good as well. However, the one thing I hate about this game is its Unfair Game Mechanics.

One thing I experience while playing this game is the lack of path-finding. Even thought you have a compass ingame, the things to do on how to get there and the things that are needed to be done in that place aren't that clear, and there are even times that the game actually wants you to stay and do nothing, which is kinda annoying for the fact that when you move around; you use up the player oxygen that is VITAL because you're gonna carryover that remaining oxygen to the later rounds. A possible solution to this is to watch a play-through, but on the other hand it will spoil your gameplay experience.

In continuation, some scenes in the game require you to do something but the thing to be done isn't clear, to the point that you end up dying for not knowing stupid things. Also a stupid thing is that the game has the option to use "hints". But sadly is purely BS since hints in the game are all "SELF EXPLANATORY."

Personally, I forgive this game for being short (Because the story is based in on the novel). It's just that the devs messed it up through to those silly game mechanics.