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Metal Gear Solid is one and was one of the most unique video games of all time. MGS has a deep and complex story and stealth gameplay. I remember watching a G4 Icons documentary on it. I wanted it!


Set in the Year of 2005. After the traumatic events of Metal Gear 2.

You are an elite operative Codenamed Solid Snake. You must go to Shadow Moses island and stop a terrorist group from launching a nuke from a giant evil Robot and save fugitives. On the way you will see quirky and intense Bosses, friends, and plot twists.

Cyborg robots, genetically modified soldiers, deep throat, Sexy Russian snipers, Evil brothers, all in this game.

The story is so deep and complex it could fill 400 pages of the Silmarillion.

You will laugh, you will cry, you will wonder what the hell just happened. But most of all? You'll know the true horrors of war!


The gameplay for Metal Gear Solid is dynamic and stellar. You sneak around the base with cardboard boxes, cigarettes, and binoculars. You peep over corners and hid under desks. You meet several bosses.

Avoid soldiers, avoid security cams, avoid traps, solve riddles. You must get keycards for each location.

The gameplay though fun and challenging can get repetitive in parts. The controls seem somewhat stiff because it's top down but overall it's the best.

There are approximately 3 hours of cutscenes which is good but also tedious to watch to at times. You can skip but you definitely won't know what's going on.

You have 3 alerts. Safe, Caution,DANGER

The AI may not be as good as today's and the radar may make the gameplay a bit more shallow than usual but it's still good.


The graphics in MGS are really good for PS1 game of the late 90's. There will be no curve or groove in sight but the amazing art style by Yoji Shinkawa saves it all with his angular Manga-esque art style with cold,dark, and brooding angry atmosphere.

There are a ton of lighting effects, good animations, post processing, gritty textures, and extreme particle effects to make a ever lasting mark on you. To make you feel like you are watching a PS1 movie! But it in real time. There are no pre-rendered garbage by the way.


The sound in MGS is very intergal to the gameplay. Knocking on walls will alert enemies around. You can confuse them.

The Music in MGS is some of the best most atmospheric and memorable music of all time. It is echoey and brooding as well as melodic.

David Hayter is truely the best

There are many memorable quotes.

"It's just like one of my Japanese Anime's!"

"The crow on my head thirsts for his blood."


"You're pretty good."

"Metal Gear?"


Love it or hate it. Metal Gear Solid is spitting true facts. Plus it's an amazing video game if you have patients. It's a game made for adults through and through and proves that the medium can do better beyond meaningless violence.