Sweet game, best iPhone game so far!!!

User Rating: 9 | Metal Gear Solid: Touch IOS
This is an awesome game. Graphixs are easily as good as any DS game out there and much more fun. This is he best and most fun iPhone game and the update with 8 new levels just makes it better! The graphixs are quite good. The controls are different but after a few minutes you'll get a hang of them and you'll be able to play very quickly and accuretly. There are two different weapons: M4 carbine and some kind of sniper. Both work very well but of course the M4 has less range. There are human and robot aponents and many different environments. In one level you have to shake your iPhone to clear the ice off the screen. This game introduces a new type of gaming for iPhone and iPod ouch users. Any iphone e r iPod touch user must have this game and for only 8 bucks it's way worth it. Only complaints are it is a little too short, though there is suvival mode where you try to play all the way without dieing, and the game can also be quite dificult, many levels you will have to play many more tea than once. It's still a great buy, get it! You won't regret.