Great Wiimote integration... all games should function as well as this one

User Rating: 9 | Mercury Meltdown Revolution WII
This game was very hard to find. I ended up having to order it off the internet, none of the local stores had this. I checked everywhere local video game mom & pops to best buy and everything in between.

I said to my friend "this game is ether really bad, or really really cool". I am so glad it was the latter.

this game is great. I love the function of the wiimote. I really think other game makers need to take a good look at this one, and start to utilize the functions as much as this game does.

I read this in another review "don't buy the Wii just to play this game, but it is a really great game to add to your collection" I completely agree. This game is fun to play and a great challenging puzzle game.

I with there was some sort of multiplayer and/or co-op game play. But taking turns on each round seems to work just as good.