A huge improvisation from the Nes Megaman Series.

User Rating: 9.5 | RockMan X SNES
Megaman X was one of the most popular games out when I was a kid and the Super Nintendo was out, everybody loved it, and so did I. I used to play it over and over and over again because it was just an enjoyable experience and at the time I had no idea that their was more Megaman games on the Nes, so this was my honest first experience as a kid playing Megaman and I definitely enjoyed it. While I love this game, many people seem to like it a lot more then me, in fact most people would probably call this the best game on the Snes and while I love Megaman X, and it's definitely one of my favorite games, I don't honestly believe its the best game that the Snes has to offer, but I will definitely admit it's one of my favorites.

Story: So i'll try to tell this to the best of my ability to get this story right so bear with me if I miss anything. First off the Megaman on the Nes is a different robot, then this model in this series. Dr. Light made the Megaman in the regular series first and then he made X later on. Dr. Light had made Megaman X and had him sealed up because X had the ability to make his own decisions and this made Dr. Light nervous about using him. So for thirty years straight he would do tests on Megaman X. it's not mentioned but believed that one hundred years later Dr. Light passes, and Dr. Cain finds his capsule and lets X out. Dr Cain makes other Reploids like X to help out the human race, but due to a virus many of the Reploids become haywire and become what is known as a maverick and the leader of the Mavericks Sigma orders them to harm humans. After this the Maverick Hunters are born which consist of X and Zero and they must stop the Mavericks and Sigma by any means necessary.

Presentation: Everything in this game looks perfect I mean literally every level is memorable Chill Penguins, Spark Mandrill,Armored Armadillo, ETC. Their all perfect examples of how to make Megaman stages with a suitable challenge and an awesome environment. The music in this one is also some of the most memorable music in gaming in fact I think pretty much anyone in gaming has heard most of these tracks, every single track is great, too none that are better by far then the rest, but every single stage is a joy to listen too.

Gameplay: This is where it's at for Megaman X. you got the traditional 8 bosses which are not robot masters this time, which I mentioned, but Mavericks. I'll talk a little about each one First we got Chill Penguin, he's usually the one everyone starts the game with because he is the easiest. The stage is pretty easy also and has the perfect look of a frozen laboratory. You get the slide upgrade on this level and it's definitely a huge help, but can honestly be a trouble to use when trying to do some of the harder jumps, due to the control. Chill Penguin is an easy boss with or without his weakness most experienced players will have no trouble at all with him and once you beat him you are rewarded with Shotgun Ice, it's basically a shot of ice not very imaginative but when you get to charge it up you can shoot an ice Platform which is pretty cool to use for collectibles but is honestly useless against enemies. Next We got Spark Mandrill, The stage is pretty challenging especially if you haven't beaten Storm Eagle. Because both the mini boss and light's flickering on and off will give you constant frustration, but it's still a memorable level and an enjoyable one at that. Spark Mandrill is an incredibly difficult boss if you don't have Shotgun Ice, but if you do have Shotgun Ice he's a cakewalk, so if you are not looking for the challenge I would definitely get the Shotgun Ice. After you defeat him you get Electric Spark, and all that is, is basically a spark yeah again nothing imaginative but when it's charged up, it makes two electric walls, which is pretty cool. Next we have Armored Armadillo. One of the coolest stages in the game, but not much of a challenge. He's pretty difficult to defeat without Electric Spark but it's definitely possible. Even with Electric Spark though he can still be pretty tough. After you beat him you get Rolling Shield and that's exactly what it is a rolling sheild it's nothing too special but it's worth having. When it's charged you can make a shield around X, you can still get hurt against enemies but it doesn't hurt as much. Next we got Launch Octopus This is probably my least favorite stage, but it's still nice too look out and for the most part fun to play. It's a pretty challenging level probably one of the hardest. Launch Octopus is hard with or without the Rolling Shield so just be careful with this one and you should be alright. After you beat him you get Homing Torpedo which is well... a Homing Torpedo, some of the names aren't too creative huh? but any ways in other words its rockets they are nice to have and when charged up it makes three stronger torpedoes, nothing too great. Next We have Boomer Kuwanger,(Weird name huh?) This is in my opinion the hardest Maverick level in the game and Boomer Kuwanger is incredibly hard without H. Torpedoes so you better have them and even when you do be careful cause this guy will still drain a lot of your health. After beating him you get Boomerang Cutter. This is a decent weapon but it can also help you get collectibles that are hard to get. when charged up it will shoot three big boomerangs, their not too great cause they usually miss their target.

Next we have Sting Chameleon his stage is one of my least favorite ones but it's still a fun level though. Their is a capsule here, it's armor that reduces damage, you'll definitely want to get this one. Sting Chameleon will be really tough without the B. Cutter but with it, he's pretty easy. After you beat him you get Chameleon Sting it's a pretty useful weapon and when charged X will camouflage which can be useful having to go back to older levels. Next we have Storm Eagle, His level is pretty cool and can be a big challenge if you are not careful with your jumping it will be very challenging. Their is a capsule on this level its a harder hat for Megaman that you really don't even use that much but you will definitely need it for a special item. Storm Eagle is probably the second easiest boss after Chill Penguin. You can either take him out with Chameleon Sting or with the Mega Buster either way he is pretty easy to take down. After you beat him you get Storm Tornado a tornado it's useful against some mini bosses but nothing too great. When you charge it, it envelopes a tornado around you, that never hits anyone so basically it's useless. Next we have Flame Mammoth The stage is easy if you beat Chill Penguins stage because the lava freezes. but if you haven't it can be a little bit challenging without beating him. Their is a huge upgrade on this one if you destroy blocks with your helmet in this stage you will come across a hidden capsule that will make you charge both your X Buster and your other attacks. This is a necessity so I would definitely not miss this one. Flame mammoth is nothing too hard with the X buster or with Storm Tornado so he won't be too much of a challenge you get Fire Wave which is basically just fire and when it's charged up makes a little wall of fire, it's nothing too special.
(Spoiler Alert)After you beat all the 8 Mavericks. you must beat Three Stages with three bosses on each and rebeat each Maverick without the stage on them. it may seem like filler but it's actually kind of fun to revisit those fights. The final area is Sigma. First you face his dog which can be pretty tough, and then after that you must face Sigma, he is very difficult if you don't get the pattern down. After you beat Sigma, you fight him in this robot it's the most difficult boss in the game and extremely hard. Once you beat him you get an ending of his castle crumbling, and Megaman X questions if he will always have to kill his Robot brethren and if he will always fight for the humans,it's a melancholy ending for X but only the future of the series will answer these Questions.

Overall Megaman X maybe one of my most favorite Megaman games ever, it may not be my favorite Snes game but it's definitely in my top 10. Everything that was done in this one just felt right and everything was just a really memorable a experience. I would definitely say that anyone that likes video games should get this game.