Mega Man X is one of the gems which made the Super Nintendo so amazing

User Rating: 10 | RockMan X SNES
The Good- At the time this game was made, multiple game series were reinventing themselves for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was indeed an exciting time for the videogame industry and will always be, in my opinion, the golden age of videogames. Mega Man was a well known and respected series for the NES. It was a staple for any gamer's collection as it presented fundamental game design functions and play mechanics that are used even in today's next generation of videogames. Capcom had a high standard to reach by presenting gamers with a new Mega Man experience that would satisfy the capabilities of recent technology and appease the gaming community's demand for a Mega Man game, something they could pick up, easily recognize and love. Capcom answered our calls with strong and true gameplay and a twist to the plot that no one could anticipate: Mega Man is dead. After many failed attempts in comics of killing off the main characters, Capcom had to show the world that videogames could be different. They presented everyone with a stronger Mega Man, a faster Mega Man, a Mega Man with an attitude but still with an altruistic view of a world without violence. This Megaman would uphold the peace by force. The oringinal Mega Man died long before X was built, but they were in fact the same person, now turned completely machine. X's greatest fear, Zero (a creation of the old Dr. Wiley created solely to destroy X) was now his ally, and proved his loyalty by saving X near the beginning of his journey. X had many new abilities; he could dash, he could improve his armor; he could pilot giant combat robots; he could even climb walls. For such a fresh and powerful change to Mega Man's arsenal, he must have a nemesis that can challenge the full extent of his new abilities. Enter Sigma and his maverick reploids: Storm Eagle, Flame Mammoth, Chill Penguin, Spark Mandrill, Armored Armadillo, Launch Octopus, Boomer Kuwanger and Sting Chameleon. The bosses had taken a new form. No longer were they creations of a mad scientist. Now X's own allies turned against him through the sinister influence of his former leader, Sigma. The stages in Mega Man X took new form, they involved ice lands, ocean floors, jungles and tunnels. The stages would react to X's actions. For example, when X put an end to Storm Eagle, a weather disturbance from Eagle's stage affected the electrical systems of Spark Mandrill's stage and shut off all the lights. X faced many similar twists and after collecting all the new power-ups and defeating all of the traitorous mavericks, he was ready to go face to face against Sigma. In Sigma's lair, X jumped chasms and evaded the various levels security systems. X finally reached his goal. Sigma is one of the most well composed final bosses I have ever faced. All of his attacks are flawlessly designed to test the player's capabilites and wisdom of the game to the fullest extent. You will not breeze through this battle, and it will make you think. It requires speed and quick thinking, strength and perseverence. In fact, the entire game is really a series of ordeals to prepare you for the final confrontation. THIS IS HOW A FINAL BOSS SHOULD BE. Not annoying, not ludicrously and unbeatably powerful, not predictable, not cheap. You will experience that wonderful sigh of accomplishment when you put Sigma's traitorous ambitions to an end. The Bad- It's rare for me to say this, but every single aspect of this game's design is perfectly constructed. No unavoidable damage. No slowdown or glitches. No boredom factor. No repetition. Excellent sound and instantly responsive control. Unique and interesting visual presentation. Infinite replay value. This game is a strong basis of comparison for all 2-D platformers. Mega Man X is a beautiful piece of technological art. The Awesome- After performing certain criteria, there is a hidden jewel for X. The haduken attack from the Street Fighter series becomes available for X to kill almost every enemy in the game with one hit of the blast it creates. The catch, you must have full health and full health reserves, you must perform a button combination that may seem tricky for those not familiar with fighting games, and this attack takes a considerable amount of time to execute relative to the game's extremely quick gameplay. Even the cheap hidden attack in Mega Man X is fair. And as a fan of the Street Fighter, I'd be lying if I said I was anything less than delighted as I heard X say "Haduken!" before killing Sigma's powerful and agile robotic dog with one hit. The Bottom Line- It's a no-brainer to give MMX a perfect score. In fact, I challenge anyone to find a flaw in this game. I'm so confident that any platformer enthusiast will adore this game that I recommend buying a Super Nintendo and a copy of Mega Man X solely for the experience. -Geusprime