User Rating: 9.3 | Mega Man Legends 2 PS
I was blown away by this game. MML2 takes what was great from the original game and improved upon the original formula.

Game play: This game has all kinds of game play types ranging from RPG's to puzzle's. One part you might have to fight through a dungeon filled with lava and the next part you might have to find out how to climb over a massive obstacle thats underwater. There is PLENTY to do here.

Graphics: Amazing for the play station, but not for PS2 or next generation consoles. The game has its own unique art style which is flawed but gets the job done. Many of the character's look a bit blocky and some of the levels could have been done better.

Sound: Very good, almost perfect. The many audio tracks keep pace with the game and sound like they should. An under water dungeon sounds like an underwater dungeon and a tropical island sounds like a tropical island.

Value: Besides advancing the story and tweaking the graphics its not THAT different from the original game.

Overall: I wish Capcom would release a sequel to this game. If they jacked up the graphics to the next-gen level and released MML2 on PS2 or PS3 they could produce a great game.