The best game ever!! Capcom make a sequel NOW !!

User Rating: 10 | Mega Man Legends 2 PS
I love Megaman, for this, this game is already worth buying, but more! This game is the sequel of the first 3D Megaman and the better game I`ve ever played!!!!! No doubt of that!

The graphics have no words to describe them, they are simply AWESOME! The characters are high-detailed, and they aren`t as block as Legends 1, but they are as animated as the original game characters, the locations are high-detailed, textures are everywhere!Do you remember the ugly holes in the wall from legends 1? Here they are not mere textures!

Awesome too, all the in-game musics are incredible, there are lots of them and all are good! In all the important dialogues in the game the characters speak english, but i can`t understand why a women did megaman`s voice...

Excellent in all the points,comparing with Legends 1 walking with Megaman is easier and the new lock-on system helps a lot.Now you don`t have one armor in the game but lots of them, there are lots of new equipping equipiments, and praticaly infinite buster parts

Very enjoyable game with loys of extras and minigames, a reputation system(simple, but good)awesome graphics, sound and gameplay, charismatic characters, great story, lots of upgrades and secret items, this game is for sure the best game ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!