Controls are good and innovative, but everything else sucks.

User Rating: 6 | Medal of Honor Heroes 2 WII
Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 for the Wii has good controls, but pretty much everything else is just awful.

Story is that basic WWII stuff you've seen in countless other games. This one is set in northern France in late 1944 or early 1945, but anyway after the successful beach landing in Normandy. That's all you need to know, because you're just moving forward in a linear pattern while shooting Germans along the way.

There is no widescreen support and the graphics are horrible. This game would have been great in 2001, but now there's no excuse: Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 is ugly. Details in the character models or environments are nowhere to be found and the color palette is brown and boring. Wii is capable of delivering a lot better graphics than this.

Surprisingly the sound is top notch. Music is powerful and fully orchestrated as you've come to expect from a Medal of Honor game. Sound effects are great creating the atmosphere of a battlefield. Unfortunately there's not much happening on the screen to back up that great sound design.

Gameplay is boring: move forward in a linear way and shoot Germans. That's it. Controls are good and mostly intuitive for the Wii. Motion gestures are responsive and it's actually fun to throw grenades, aim down your sights, find the right radio frequency and use the rocket launcher. Only bad thing is that the tutorial for these different motion controls are represented in rapid succession so you might forget something, when you again need it in later part of the game.

Save system is functional using checkpoints, but in my opinion there should be more of them.

AI is terrible. Your teammates know how to take cover, but that's it. You need to do all the killing by yourself and the Germans are not much better either in creating resistance. This game feels like you're playing a rail shooter.

Multiplayer is for maximum 32 players. There is no party creating function so it takes some unnecessary work to find the same game you're friend is in. Most of the game modes are team based, but there's no way to communicate with your friends during a match. What's the point of having a team, if you can't work together? Also your enemies can take an insane amount of bullets before dying. I once shot nearly a 100 rounds to an enemy and still he killed me instead. When playing MoH: Heroes 2 online you'll quickly learn to aim for the head, because it takes a lot less rounds.

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 has good controls and is an attempt to bring functional multiplayer shooter for the Wii. Unfortunately the multiplayer aspect is a miserable failure when you have games like Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 on Xbox360.

If you have Wii (and only Wii) and you're looking for some multiplayer first person shooter action, then Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 is worth checking out. Otherwise, just keep out.