Mixed feelings, amazed and dissappointed. Lack of wifi and touch screen support makes this game a bad choice.

User Rating: 8.5 | MechAssault: Phantom War DS
Well, I have played Mechassault on the XBox, who hasn't? It is an amazing game, and when I heard that one is coming out for the DS, I had high hopes. I was kind of picturing it as, well, a Metroid: Prime Hunters - like game, basically using the touch screen for aiming, and of course, instead of the Hunters, we have giant mechs.

Let me start this off by saying how the storyline, and the cut scenes are. They are amazing in a way, using the game's own engine, and a few cut scenes, they make a very nice story, that jumps into action right away, kind of like the Mechassault games on XBox. I enjoyed the storyline, it didn't say much, except these are the bad guys, they are doing this, you have to shoot them down. Which really just put aside the story and made you play the game instead of reading, however, I felt a lack of introduction, it didn't give enough background information, it just told me to jump into battle, here is how to use the weapons, which is good in a way, and bad in another way.

The game uses the D-Pad, the ABXY, and L and R buttons to control the mechs. Yes, that is right, no touch screen support for aiming. The touch screen is used to move in and out of mechs, scroll around some weapons, and the menu. I didn't like how they used the touch screen at all, I have a hard time using both the DPad / ABXY buttons and the touch screen at once, you have to use your fingers and tap the screen really quick and reorganize yourself. But that is only a few times that you need to move in and out of a mech. Throughout most of the game, you don't really need to use the touchscreen except once or twice in a mission. The controls were like playing on the Xbox, although no analog, the buttons and DPad combo were strikingly similar. It did way better than I expected, but I really rather have the touch screen to aim, it would have worked so much better.

During missions, you need to "hack" into mainframes, other mechs, doors, and so on. And you use the touch screen to drag dropping runes or figures into their slots in the corners. I thought this was very fun, and a very nice way to use the touch screen.

The graphics for this game are really nice. For the large maps, and lots of units, it pulled off very beautiful graphics, they do not match that of Metroid, but the maps are larger, and there are more things in the map. I think it looks brilliant, the mechs are very detailed, the little guy that comes out of your mech looks nice, although the animation for that little guy looked a little odd, overall the graphics are top notch.

So overall, this game is a great game, definately worth checking out, I'd probably rent it or borrow it first before commiting $40 to this game, but if you like this kind of game, you won't be disappointed. Two things that bother me are lack of wifi, and lack of touch screen support, which makes me a little disappointed, but it is still a very nice game overall.