Cant stop playing

User Rating: 9 | MechAssault: Phantom War DS
Dont know about you all but I have been playin these series since it was called battletech
and for a fan like me. It works. Granted it snot the Mechwarriors on the PC as fair custimization and so forth but it is one hell of a ride! Being able to get out of the Mech is a big Plus. The mission as getting harder as you go and the Hack feature is awesome. I have nto finished it, just picked it up yesterday, so far so good. I cant complain one bit. I would say something about the graphics, but do I have to? Its the DS we know its not as powerful as a console..
Be that as it may, a great game, if your a Batteltech fan, this is for you, if not pick it up anyway, you will have fun trust me.