Great PC Game

User Rating: 10 | Max Payne 3 PS3

What can I say, I'm more then postivley suprised by the third and last version of epic unice PC Game MAX PAYNE. In GB it's that much of hard disk spaace,but,unbelivable realistic DirectX11 graphic,great optimized,that can work on resolution Full HD with details all on Very Hihigh.

Well when we are talkinng about main story and gameplay of a Max Payne 3 Complete Edition,it's one of the gratest and playable game with ocasionaly some small ridlles so you can't just sprint the whole Single Player Carer Modee,witch is very very good because make you to add more focus to the story alone witch is remarkable and almost like some action,crie movie. All in alMax Payne 3 is going to work on highg details and hihg ressolution even and on some ''slower cpus's and older gpu.