Among the best games of all time.

User Rating: 10 | Mass Effect 2 X360


+Outstanding story

+Memorable characters

+Deeper decisions and outcomes

+Improved combat

+Decisions made in ME1 carry over


-Scanning for resources gets tedious

-Less depth in leveling your character

Mass Effect 2 is the sequel to the highly successful Mass Effect. I didn't think Mass Effect could get much better than the first one, but BioWare have created a masterpiece.

ME2 starts soon after the end of ME1, with the Shepard and Co. taking out remaining Geth outposts, when all of a sudden a giant alien ship appears out of no where. It attacks the Normandy, causing evacuation of all crew members who survived the attack. Shepard, however, was unable to get out in time, as he/she was rescuing Joker, who refused to abandon the Normandy. Shepard was caught one of the explosions, sending him/her plummeting toward a nearby planet, dead. His/her body was then recovered and he/she was rebuilt by an unknown organization, who need Shepard to find out why many human colonies throughout the galaxy have been vanishing. To do this, Shepard will need a new crew, since his/her old crew has gone their own separate ways while Shepard was presumed dead. This new crew consists of the best of the best; elite assassins, feared mercenaries, powerful biotics, and maybe even a few old friends.

Decisions and dialogue options return, and are improved with Interrupts, which allow Shepard, to, as you might expect, interrupt the person who is speaking. You have Paragon interrupts, which allow for helpful things like healing someone, or just giving them a hug. There are also Renegade interrupts, which range from headbutting someone, to pushing someone off a building to their death. Just be careful with your decisions, they have a serious effect on the outcome of the game.

One thing to note: if you have beaten ME1, be sure to import your character to ME2, as all your decisions from ME1 will carry over, making for a much better experience.

Combat was a minor issue in ME1, and it has been improved in ME2. The combat is more akin to a traditional Third Person Shooter, where cover is important. The combat in ME2 is tighter and more consistent, making for a more enjoyable experience while fighting.

The only noticeable issue I have with Mass Effect 2 is scanning for resources while in the Normandy. IT IS TEDIOUS. Basically, you have to scan individual planets looking for various elements that you can use to upgrade the Normandy, weapons, and armor. This is accomplished by shooting probes at planets while scanning them slowly and painstakingly.

Overall, Mass Effect 2 is amazing, and should be a part of any gamer's game collection. If you're looking for a great story with your own customized experience, Mass Effect 2 is the game for you.

Final Score: 10/10