Sonic Rider 2... much better then the first one. Ill never trust gamespots scores again...

User Rating: 9 | Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity WII
After i started playing this game i began to realize that this game is much better then gamespot said. The game offers good control (Gamecube Controler), great Leveldesign, cool new Gears and a complete new way you use them. Everything seems to be more worked out and even the multiplayer modes are great. You can play some cind of soccer and blast your enemys away with homing misseles in multplayer. The grafic looks much better then in Sonic Rider.
The Story is shorter yes... but its an more interessting Story this time. No Chaos emeralds and more secrets and twists in the story. There are also 112 Missions in Story Mode that keeps you playing and if you want to unlock everything, you got to get "Extreme" Rang in every mission. As always, you can collect Rings and pay them to a Chao to get new gears.

A really great game!