Worst one to date!

User Rating: 2 | Mario Party 8 WII
If you like Mario party I suggest you to avoid this one. It felt like a watered down game, and it was so boring to me. The mini games suck. It was a waste of 50 dollars. I would of rather saved it to go out to eat on. I really suggest you not to buy this game unless it's 5 bucks or lower! This game was a horrible example of how bad the Wii was. Who says this game was good must have never played the other ones. I really can't describe how bad this game is.... I hate it I only give it a 2 because it has Mario and pals in it. The game would of been fun if the mini games was better, and the maps was put together a lil better. This game proves Nintendo only tried to make a quick buck on it. I really say it's in my top 10 worst video games of all time. I'm going to say DON"T GET THIS GAME! Unless you see it in the trash the place it belongs!