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User Rating: 9 | Mario Kart 7 3DS
Mario Kart 7 is what you'd expect from a Mario Kart game. Lots of action, twists and turns, objects flying past you, crazy kart driving and wonderfully constructed courses all wrapped up to make a thrilling ride! All those thrills come in every course too! The 3D effect is good with some cool popping out effects. There are some new additions to add to the series aswell. There are 3 new power-ups which are the Tanooki Leaf which is like the Tanooki Leaf power-up from Mario's platforming games. The Tanooki Leaf gives you a tail on the back of your kart which you can use to help you glide (I'll get on to gliding in a moment) but most importantly trip up your fellow karters! Another power-up is The Lucky Seven which you are lucky if you get. It gives you seven power-ups (a mushroom, a star, a green shell, a red shell, a banana, a bomb and a squid) so you can wreak havoc on the course! The other power-up is the Fireball which lets you throw fireballs that trip up other players (provided you hit them, of course). Another new addition is the ability to glide and the ability to dive. You can only glide when you ride on a special gliding booster. You soar through the air and then you glide back down to the ground. You can dive in most places where there is water. The last new addition is the return of coins, which you collect to get a speed boost and to unlock new items for your kart. All in all this is fantastic Mario Kart game and it has a great online mode to keep you entertained for ages!