Endless Fun!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Mario Kart 7 3DS
This game is the best in the series; with 32 tracks and so much to unlock. I have spent 68 hours racing on the glorious features this game offers; from going underwater, to hang-gliding next to a mountain. The graphics have been improved dramatically and when I try to play Mario Kart DS, I can barely even tell what's happening anymore. It was such an improvement, they beat their own game. There are are 17 characters, including your Mii. After choosing which racer you'd like to control, you can pick a kart, 4 wheels, and a glider. With coins (which are found on the road), you can unlock kart parts. The game is pretty easy to finish though. Time trails is what's keeping me coming back. There are 32 tracks, with 32 staff ghosts and 32 expert staff ghosts, witch can be hard to beat. I have beaten 32 staff ghosts and 29 expert staff ghosts, but that took about 1 week's (meaning about 168 hours) worth of practice and experience. And finally, as you can see, this game is just a dream.

Wifi: 9.5

Graphics: 9.5

Re-do Ability: 8.5

Story: -

Multi-player Mode: 8

Fun: 10

Completion: -

Improvement: 9.5