Why would you punish the player for being good at the game? Blue shell, that's why.

User Rating: 6 | Mario Kart 7 3DS
I'll make this short. You probably played Mario Kart Wii, which means you've been ganged up on by 11 other racers all going after you and only you, all bashing your face in with ridiculous power-ups that constantly spin you out, flip your kart over, and force you to accelerate all the way back to top speed, only to get blasted aside by someone else.

And then there's the BLUE SHELL. It seeks out the player in first place and blows them up.


Why would you punish the player for being good at the game? Why would you punish the player for being in first place? The blue shell can't be dodged, and even slowing down into second place won't avert it.

I've had to start races over and over and over again because a Blue Shell came flying out of nowhere in the last lap and blew me up, then someone hit me off the track, and suddenly I was in last place by a mile. I've had to restart more races than I've finished because I've had no hope of winning--THROUGH NO FAULT OF MY OWN.

I've always been a big Mario Kart fan, but this? This is just disappointing. The blue shell has only gotten worse, and it still hasn't been removed. It's one of the worst designs in any game I've ever seen, and it reeks of apathetic developers.

"Let's create an absurd item that brutally punishes the player for picking up the game! I'll call it... the Blue Shell!"

"That's a great idea! Promotion!"