The Mario Kart series takes a more 3D approach as Nintendo make another awesome Mario Kart game.

User Rating: 9 | Mario Kart 7 3DS

The Mario Kart series still goes strong with the latest entry into the series known as Mario Kart 7. Mario Kart 7 adds new features to the game like kart customization, gliders, a new first-person mode, driving underwater and a new Community Mode for the Online mode of Mario Kart 7. The series never fails to impress with it's stunning visuals, the awesome music and the customization of the karts. The game starts you with 8 characters with 16 of them in total (17 if you count your Mii).

I love nearly everything about this game except for the lack of mission mode that was in Mario Kart DS, the smaller number of characters compared to Mario Kart Wii, the fact that you can get hit by items when blasting off from a cannon and not enough single player modes especially with VS race not usable in single player. But this is a great game nonetheless and it will be great for playing by yourself or with friends with multiple 3DS consoles!