a port of a port of a arcade game

User Rating: 7 | Mario Bros. NES
a 4.9..people no respect to arcade games nowadays
the good
entertaing with two people
the bad
still retains tecinal flaws from the NES version
this is one of the games on the vc unlike most vc games its one the luanch vc games for the wii its the "sample vc game" showed in one of the wii manuals...its true...allthough this was good to play in the arcades but ok to playat home
gameplay 7/10
plot 1/10
sound 0/10 only music is at title screen
graphics 2/10
overall 7.5/10
if u want a good vc multiplayer game then youve come to the right place...but if u want a good mario game then get galaxy or download super mario bros. 1 2 3 the lost levels or mario 64 or mario world thers many better mario games out there than this...but there is one mario game thats wores than this...its donkey kong(vc)