A Very Great Game, With One Shortcoming.

User Rating: 9 | Mario & Luigi: Dream Team 3DS

The thing all the "Mario & Luigi" R.P.G. video games released so far have in common, is that they feature great R.P.G. elements of game-play, have hilarious moments of humor, often break the 4th wall, feature unique characters, and often feature callbacks to the previous entries in the series where applicable. Sadly, one thing the "Mario & Luigi" R.P.G. video games have in common, is that the odd-numbered entry releases seem to be better than the even-numbered releases. This is sadly true for the 4th entry in the series. Although it's a better game in terms of humor and challenge than the second game was, there is one feature that comes up short in the game. That feature is the gigantic boss battles featured in the game. It forces you to turn the 3DS sideways and the play feels REALLY awkward compared to the gigantic boss battles featured in the third game in the series. Not only that, but unlike the previous game, the gigantic boss battles are MERCILESSLY unforgiving and it can pretty much mean game over if you don't beat the gigantic boss just right; by being perfect and NEVER making a mistake, not even once! Although there aren't many gigantic boss battles, its enough of a hassle to be a real nuisance. If the gigantic boss battles had been designed better, or even gave you the OPTION to play traditionally, than this would be a perfect game. But the lack of an option for being able to play traditionally in the gigantic boss battles is the one thing keeping this game from being perfect. Although it's still a really great game to play, I'd recommend renting it first before buying it. Enough said.