Good game, but not a true RPG.

User Rating: 7.5 | Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!! DS
Judging by the extremely positive reviews from critics, you'd think this RPG was amazing. It's not. It's a good game, but there were a few drawbacks. It has a reasonable plot, especially for a mario game, but the cutscenes are a bore. They try to make jokes, but they are not funny in the slightest. Once you get to actually play, things get better. It takes the form of RPG gameplay mixed with platforming. The stroy switches between Mario and Luigi, and Bowser. When you play as Mario and Luigi, you must control them at the same time inside Bowser's body. It takes the form of 2D platforming, along with some puzzles involving Bowser's body. Controlling them is a pain, especoally when you have to mke jumps- you must press a and b at the same time. Combat is more exciting. It's turn-based, and clever, as certain attacks require you to coordinate attacks with both Mario and Luigi. The other person you play as is Bowser. He is forced to work together with Mario anf Luigi to resolve the plot. This is far better than the other form of control because you only control one character, it is not platforming, and it takes place from an isometric viewpoint. Overall, Bowser's Inside Story is good, but not a true RPG. Fans of the series will especially want to invest in this.