This is surprisingly a decent low budget game

User Rating: 7.5 | Marine Sharpshooter 3 PC
Aside from the really crappy sound, AI, Collision, and modeling this game is actually real good the sniping is good the guns look good and you have a huge map to rome around and kill people. I wish it had more of a selection of sniper rifles and pistols. The Ai sucks balls but in the previuos series so did it too. The vechicles look like absolute crap and so do the models except for mabe the sniper rifles. This is a great game to pass time and is actually fun. The ballistics are real crap like taking two shots to the enemies chest or neck area. The AI is stupid real stupid but that just makes the game easy. There is to much back tracking in some of the missions leaving this game feeling like redient evil 4.

This game is fun but its only worth mabe 5 or 10 dollors not 20. Its fun it passes time but if your looking for something thats good and great graphics and sound then this game is not for you. It has too little of a weapon selection and is boring at times but it is not one of thoose sniping games that require patients.