one of da best baseball games around that everyone should play atleast once, instead of the mvp baseball by EA !!!!!!!!!

User Rating: 9.6 | Major League Baseball 2K5 XBOX
this is one of da best games dat has to do with baseball around. i got this game about 3 weeks ago and at first, i thought it was too damn hard. then i started playing and it got easier. the controls are really good for the game. the pitching is the easiest parrt of the game. you are able to move the cursor any where and you can even beem some player.(i do dat a lot) the fielding is also easy. the turbo is the life saver. the turbo is so fast, you can run around yankee stadium. the "smart throw" is also good. instead of looking for which button to press to throw to first base, on the xbox, all you have to press is the left trigger. the sound is great. if you create a player, you can also make a custom soundtrack. that means when he comes out, you can give him any song.(i have twinz by fat joe) the sounds in the back sound like your really sitting in the stadium. sometimes, jon miller says things 3 times in a row. the graphics are good. the models look only a little like the real players. the faces look pasted. but, this is a great game and its only 20 dollars!!! how great is dat. so im telling you to pick this game up.