Loved 2k11, HATED 2k12

User Rating: 3.5 | Major League Baseball 2K12 X360
First let me start by saying I have MLB 2k11, and loved it. Event though I know it has its shortcomings it was fun, and I really enjoyed the online play. I got 2k12 with the mlb/nba bundle for cheap off ebay, since I normally do NOT buy sports games year after year.

This was a total let down. Franchise used to be a favorite of mine but 2k has always screwed it up. I spend hours adjusting line-ups and making the rotations the way I want it, and if I go to one screen and back it resets everything (even though I have all setting set to user controlled). This makes that mode unplayable to me.

Then there is online leagues, which are a complete waste of time, b/c you can never seem to get ppl to commit and play.

Then there is the game-play itself. I played online for about 10 matched games. In each game I have experienced more glitches and subsequently more errors/runs/drops/ than I've experienced in 100 games on 2k11. 2k11 had these glitches but I didn't experience everyone of them in EVERY game! GOD 2k!

Graphics are what I expected: Lacking

I got this game cheap and late in the season, so I'm not overly pissed about it, and I also got a very good NBA 2k12 along with it. But I won't be buying another baseball game until it says MVP on the label.