Better than 2k11

User Rating: 8 | Major League Baseball 2K12 X360
So i bought 2k11 when it came out and thought it was ok. I bought 2k12 today and found it to be as good if not more enjoyable than last years installment. the graphics are typical 2k graphics, to me not as good as ea but graphics are not everything. i have not played the build a dynasty mode, but have sunk about 10 hours into the be a pro mode. love it. made myself a starting pitcher, strikeout pitcher to be exact. the pitching is challenging. i am no ace at the game, but i love the fact that when you start out, you can only throw like 5 to 7 innings and your pitch speed, accuracy, ect. goes down. have not made it to the majors yet as i have yet to complete my call up goals. thats where i love this game its not the computer giving u the points its you spending ur points how u want. thats a plus for me. all in all i think the game is good and a must play for baseball fans.