Still the best singleplayer adaption of the MTG cardgame that was ever done. Very enjoyable, for short or long sessions.

User Rating: 9.5 | Magic: The Gathering PC
This game is really hard to get. It is not being sold and you can hardly find any download sources for the internet. Especially if you are trying to hunt down the various expansions and patchs (both official and inofficial), so the huntdown of this game is an adventure in itself.

But it is an undertaking worth to be tackled. The game pits you in Shandalar, a randomly generated world (high replay value) swarming with monsters and in danger of being overtaken by 5 wizards, each wizard representing one of the card colours (White, Black, Blue, Green, Red). While you start out with a set of cards in a colour of your choice, the fun lies in looting monsters or finding or buying additional cards to add to your deck. This way, there are no limits to the deck customization. The cards' artwork is true to the original game, so are the game mechanics. As you might have imagined, the fights in the game are basically a play-out of the card game, which works flawlessly and has lots of strategic depth to it, especially as you will have to adapt your tactics (and your deck) to suit your respective opponents. Add to that the odd quests, encounters and lore and you have yourself a very good gaming experience.

Highly recommended !