Tip for card game fans - if you see this, buy it!

User Rating: 9.3 | Magic: The Gathering PC
Alright, where to begin...... this game is FRIGGIN awesome. Here is my overall review.....

Gameplay - This is where it shines. Not only do you play the card game itself, but you can walk around a wizard world, stoping the five wizards, each one a different color ( White - Holy, Law. Blue - Water, Magic. Black - Unholy, Undead. Red - Chaos, Fire. And Green - Nature, Elfs. ) While winning cards from foes you duel, you can also buy, sell, find, and win cards.

Graphics - Nothing much here. Pretty good for a 1997 game at least.

Sound - Sounds are great. Sounds come up in duels, and when youre walking around.

Replay value - Once again, great. Not only can you build decks freely and do free duels, but you can also use the internet, and in a expanson pack you can do a sealed deck.

Overall, you might see this at a flea market or garage sale for 10 bucks. Trust me, get it. You will most likely have to order it over the internet. Trust me, Ive been playing it for 8ish years, it dosn't loose it's touch.