Best semblance of making Godfather themed game.

User Rating: 8 | Mafia PC

Mafia is an absolute blast from start to finish and one of the most incredibly stylish games of its time.

Graphics are really nice in a vast city that you explore. The car features are great, along with the feeling that you actually belong to a gang and that you have to religiously wipe out your opposition.

Its setting of old New York is amazing and you can distinctly feel the atmosphere to Godfather movie. You play as Tommy Angelo in this one. The story line is great and very addictive. The missions are varied and have a feel of authenticity to it. The second game, Mafia 2 doesn't even come close to this one in spite of having a more polished look.

You can shoot cars by repeated firing and chase down other gangsters and run from cops in a city beautifully portrayed. The various missions have you go around the city and by the time the game is over you feel like you have explored every nook and crevice of the city.

Game Play 8/10

Graphics 8/10.

Sound 10/10.