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User Rating: 9.8 | Mafia PC
Mafia!!! Yes Mafia!! A fantastic game!! No Doubt! Rated high by critics all over the world! Received dozens of awards! And does Mafia deserve all that? You bet the game does!!!

Mafia is a game set in the 1930's of the seedy underworld. Tommy Angelo is a polite but confident person living in this world. Tommy is the main character in this game. Tommy himself is satisfied with his current condition. Everything was well. No problems, no troubles, absolutely nothing! A simple man's journey was Tommy's journey.

But fate had something different in store for this Taxi driver!

One evening Tommy saves a few gangsters from being murdered by the opposite gang. The fortunate gangmen reward Tommy and also invite him in their gang. But Tommy preferred the life of simplicity without any complications. And so goes the story!

One day Tommy HAD to join the Salieri Gang (the gang whose members Tommy had saved.The gang's head was a person named Mr. Salieri and hence the name Salieri Gang) under very peculiar circumstances. Fate! Yes Fate had interfered in his life.

And so within a short time Tommy becomes one of the top members of the gang! He leads out many a missions for his boss with unbelievable accuracy!!

Although the game was made in 1999 it has great graphics! Even today many games can't offer accurate lip syncing which this game has easily done!

This game is one of the best games I've ever come across! Till today whoever has played this game has never forgotten this game! This is its value!!

Go On! Take Yourself For A Ride in The 1930's!!