Just like Madden NFL 2000, don't even try it.

User Rating: 1.2 | Madden NFL 2001 GBC
Game Review-Gameboy Color-Madden NFL 2001

Review 54

Released: November 13, 2000
Developers: EA Sports, 3d6 Games
Game Genre: Sports/Football Sim

I really don’t understand why EA Sports even tries to make football games on handheld systems. The GBC’s limitations are so large in number than it almost makes it impossible. Almost everything is flawed.

As always, the standard game modes are there: Exhibition, Season, Playoffs, etc.

As for in-game…um…well…it’s just not there. I suppose I’ll break it down and waste my time.

The offensive gameplay is almost funny. You select your play, etc. You line up to hike the ball, and the play starts. Even though there are 4 or 5 receivers on the field, there are only two that you have the choice of throwing to: A or B. As for running, there is no sprint button. All you can do is run.

Just plain not there. On kickoffs, you do not control anything but the kick. You can, of course, control a defender when the offense has the ball, but all you can do is run towards the guy with an arrow above his head because you can’t tell who has the ball any other way.

Special Teams:
So incredibly easy that a dog could make a field goal.

The graphics still have not improved at all.

Previous Game: Madden NFL 2000

How does none at all sound? The game unimproved.

Yeah, it’s ridiculous.

As always, the main menu sounds suck, but now, when the ball is kicked or thrown, there’s a sound that’s pretty reminiscent of a bomb. You know, where the whistle gets higher and then lower when the bomb almost hits the ground. It’s kinda like that.

Controls: You just run, press A or B to throw the ball on offense, and press A to dive.

Difficulty: Very Easy
The computer has the IQ of a fish.

Final Thoughts:
This one barely escaped a full-fledged 1, but it has now set the record for my lowest review ever, and it’s my 54th review.