Same old, same old. Not worth the cash!

User Rating: 4.5 | Madden NFL 12 PS3
Madden 12 looks great as always with beautiful colors and textures, as well as nice easy to navigate menu systems. The environment of the game has a nice feel, and the controls run smoothly for the most part. The in game presentation is better this year and closer than it has been in past years. Very minor tweaks do make gameplay a little smoother than usual, yet do very little to fix core gameplay issues that have plagued the series for sometime now. The gameplay is easy and user friendly, but very stale and without lasting substance. Its worth noting, the game looks very real with great attention too detail, unfortunately this is not the case for the gameplay. In a nut shell this is not a title with gobs of new content, nor anything revolutionary for it's time, but rather the same washed up Madden experience we've seen for so many years. You are probably thinking then, "Is it worth the cash?". The answer is, "maybe". If you have not bought a Madden game in a good 4 years or so this title is worth buying.