User Rating: 10 | Madden NFL 10 X360
I have played madden yearly since about 2000. Every year i have bought the game and enjoyed it very much. With that said in the previous years i was disappointed that there wasn't online franchises and that some of the same glitches worked year to year. That is all over now, the new online franchise mode is great and the stupid plays that your opponents run over and over can be stopped. The game play overall has improved dramatically no more scrabbling all over the field every play. No more easy slants or tight end plays. Oh yeah and my favorite part the WR's can burn the corners on a straight deep route. The new game speed allows you to go through your progressions without taking 10 sacks a game, oh yeah and their is a pocket this year. Overall if you love football or are a madden fan from the past that has given up on EA you need to get this game. This year EA has totally redeemed themselves; this game is a MUST BUY!