User Rating: 8 | DreamWorks Madagascar PS2
You would think that since most movie games stink, then Madagascar is bad too, right? Wrong! This game actually was pretty good. The graphics were nice and detailed. The platforming was cool. What I liked was that the game provided a challenge yet was still easy enough to beat. The enemies are a bit pesky, though. The spiders come from nowhere and start hurting you badly. The game satisfyed me with a lot of levels, all based on the movie.
There is a shop in the game that lets you add gear to your characters, which makes the game a little more interesting. Mini Golf was probably the best thing to get at the shop. It was an addictive minigame with lots of fun to be had.
The minigames in story mode were good, but I felt like there were just too many of them. Some were fun, others were frustrating. It would have been better if there were less minigames and more platforming and missions.
Overall though, the game surprised me with good depth and lots of fun to be had. If you want some fun platforming with some enemy fighting thrown in, this is the game for you.