Better than Shrek 2, that is.

User Rating: 7.5 | DreamWorks Madagascar PS2
I didn't buy this game myself, I got it. But I didn't really want it either, so that's one reason why I can't say if I'm disappointed or not.

Anyway, this can be compared a little with Shrek 2: -It folows the story, but then again not.
-It exist out of minigames which can be considered as a level.

But the difference is, this game doesn't suck total spider-arse compared to Shrek, and is actually fun. For example at the level where you have to cross >what's his name< without touching the ground or touching him(probably will cause you being eaten). What the lion said, was just very amusing to hear the words of a crazy ass mind.
And next to that, the levels aren't annoying and want to make you rip out your toe hairs.

It's a buy, but definatly not for more than $10,-